We have taken a timeless piece of decoration and empowered it with digital and data analytics

Personalized customer experiences via Apps

Digital is progressing as a key player in providing consumer engagement through Apps and social media.  Digital no longer is a nice-to-have.  In fact, integration of digital experiences in stores is a ‘must’ for any brand/retailer.

In the same way media and social content are managed and distributed through phones and tablets, actiMirror allows brands to leverage their robust investments in online, mobile and e-commerce activities in their offline locations.

Business Cases

Collect and Analyse Customer Data

The consumer experience and journey in front of the mirror is measured at all times.  The measurement is consistent across the whole retail network, and provides an invaluable set of Business Intelligence to enhance management decision making process.


Content Management System

You can manage your entire actiMirror fleet from one location.

Upload new media content in real time, change the settings of the Apps, check the data-analytics dashboards to know how your stores around the world are performing, and much more…

actiMirror works like your mobile phone

You can upload new apps whenever you like. actiMirror is a living device, constantly up to date with your digital strategy and KPIs.

Imagination is the only limit, and our modular Smart Mirrors and SaaS architectures allows the consumer to pay only for the features they require while allowing for future upgrades.

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