actiMirror generates revenue growth!

actiMirror App store

actiMirror hosts apps for its intelligent mirror platform to boost consumer engagement and proactively drive sales growth. When individuals approach the smart mirrors, built-in sensors activate a high-resolution display showing – in addition to their reflection – real-time personalized content to suit the person’s needs.

actiMirror is well positioned to effectively offer a wider variety of solutions by:
• developing own proprietary software Apps
• working with existing and new App developers
• enabling clients and integrators to do their own in-house software development

With the above in mind, expert App developers in verticals such as beauty, garments, hospitality, healthcare, fitness, etc. have quickly understood that actiMirror’s wide variety of sensors enhance their product offering traditionally delivered via tablets and smartphones.


Business Intelligence Analytics

actiMirror helps stores to become omnichannel hubs. Via an array of sensors, actiMirror collects consumer-data such as object identification, anonymous demographics and consumer behaviours which are translated into actionable insights and recommendations to improve the business.


Content Management System

You can manage your entire actiMirror fleet from one location.

Upload new media content in real time, change the settings of the Apps, check the data-analytics dashboards to know how the stores around the world are performing, and much more…

actiMirror works like your mobile phone

You can upload new apps whenever you like. actiMirror is a living device, constantly up to date with your digital strategy and KPIs.

Imagination is the only limit, and our modular Smart Mirrors and SaaS architectures allows the consumer to pay only for the features they require while allowing for future upgrades.

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