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For its retail applications, the actiMirror technology creates a fully integrated retail experience – as applicable in different shop scenarios – to identify personal characteristics and demographics. actiMirror impresses customers using intelligent mirrors that display targeted and personalised content. This optimises emotional connections which delivers high customer engagement and retail sales growth.
On the corporate side, actiMirror provides the retailer with high brand-consumer granularity including demographics, sales conversion rates, shopping behaviour, inventory monitoring, general statistics and the ability to centralise and control data flow and product push. On the rational side, actiMirror extracts patterns, trends and actionable information from large customer data sets in order to help better anticipate consumer needs.

Customers can be targeted by advertising messages delivered according to their gender and estimated age, the object they are trying with additional product suggestions offering product combos or a combination of both object identification and face recognition matching the object with the persons age (never shown on the screen) to offer a good product match.

The smart mirror is able to detect the garments, jewellery or any other objects that the customer is wearing through RFID tagging. Once Object Identification is complete, the smart mirror will trigger either additional product information or personalised interactions based on both Object Identification and Face Recognition in order to offer good product matches to different demographics or cross sales with additional product suggestions — e.g., people who bought the shirt you are trying also bought these trousers.
The customer is never shown demographic data and does not have to make any gestures for kinetics reading. This results in a seamless, classy interaction suitable for high end retailers.

The data, combined with in-store sales, will provide retailers with information about unsold vs. sold items in order to better analyse and optimise sales conversions per product categories.
Also, thanks to the Instant Global Marketing application, retailers will save on marketing costs for printing and shipping canvas to stores in different locations. Having a real-time, connected platform allows the retailer to conduct instant global marketing campaigns from a centralised location to an array of geographical locations while allowing adaptability to local consumer and industry requirements.

What are the main benefits for a retailer?

At corporate level, in addition to exponential increase in the granularity of customer data for shops in many different locations, benefits extend beyond the ability to centralize and control data flow, product push, etc. that make us stand above competitors.
Humans have opinions and preferences, data does not. As we continuously say in actiMirror: “with data, no one needs an opinion. Without data, one just has an opinion”
The smart mirror collects consumer trends regarding products. Therefore, optimised business models can be faster and better identified to enhance production planning (even by geographical area), generating additional monetary value in the form of improved logistics and reduction of unsold stock.
The data also provides price positioning analysis for market validation at pilot stores before new product launches and real-time feedback identifying and validating targeted customer groups. Using demographics, retailers can reallocate products to different stores and improve architectural planning.

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actiMirror DOES NOT keep pictures or footage; we are a non-intrusive business that is fully compliant with sections 35J and 35K of the Hong Kong SAR Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486).
For further peace of mind, our Android application is designed to run in a similar fashion and under the same Data Protection Act policies as a security camera, to ensure that the demographics of a person are not linked with their identity.
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