We Build Real-Time Consumer Experiences!

Infotainment & Signage

Get your clients attention using their own reflection and surprise them with the content they actually need!


Cross Selling & Recommendations

See how actiMirror has designed and implemented a custom-made app for Cerruti to boost consumer engagement and proactively drive sales growth. When a client approaches the smart mirror with a piece of garment, related media content is displayed, together with a set of product recommendations and social media QR-links.

Furthermore, actiMirror plays an important role in generating data analytics insights that ensure more efficient and profitable decision-making. actiMirror collects anonymous data from a variety of consumer interactions, in-store behaviors and consumer demographics.

Augmented Reality - Virtual Makeup/...

Our digital beauty solutions were created from the fusion of technology and make-up artistry
Visualize your make-up in real time augmented reality, with perfectly realistic colour and texture rendering
Beauty finally adapted to your customers and your project

Tutorials and Interactive Product Demos

Convey the brand values through interactive product demos



Offer your clients to take Selfies and gather genuine contact details for your Marketing Campaigns


... and much more

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Nothing to worry about privacy!
actiMirror DOES NOT keep pictures or footage; we are a non-intrusive business that is fully compliant with sections 35J and 35K of the Hong Kong SAR Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486).
For further peace of mind, our Android application is designed to run in a similar fashion and under the same Data Protection Act policies as a security camera, to ensure that the demographics of a person are not linked with their identity.
Check out our privacy policy or contact us if you have any further inquiries.