We connect Offline to Online to provide Real-Time Consumer Experiences!


See how actiMirror has designed and implemented a custom-made app for Benefit Cosmetics to boost consumer engagement and proactively drive sales growth.

-> Enhance the in-store digital experience

-> De-clutter the merchandising area around the mirrors to save premium space

-> Real-time targeted media content to promote product combinations

-> Consumer’s demographics, preferences, behaviours and choices

-> Optimized product design and supply chain

-> Deliver full omni-channel integration (online2offline) & social media

-> Integration of new technologies (eg. Augmented reality, mobile payments, NFC, etc)



See how actiMirror has designed and implemented a custom-made app for Cerruti to boost consumer engagement and proactively drive sales growth.

When a client approaches the smart mirror with a piece of garment, related media content is displayed, together with a set of product recommendations and social media QR-links.

Furthermore, actiMirror plays an important role in generating data analytics insights that ensure more efficient and profitable decision-making. actiMirror collects anonymous data from a variety of consumer interactions, in-store behaviors and consumer demographics.


Hotel Room Smart Concierge

actiMirror Smart Concierge is a casual and discrete Mirror Platform to increase awareness and bookings of hotel services, and measure client’s feedback in real time.

-> actiMirror activates via motion sensor – only when the guest steps in front of the mirror

-> The mirror can provide information, promote hotel services, show social pages to like and collect guests feedback. A traditional cost-centre becomes a source of revenue.

-> Media content is displayed on the display for a few seconds. To avoid disturbing the guest, at the end of the media clip the device will turn back into a mirror

-> “Do not Disturb” mode can be activated to disable messaging during the entire stay. The guest can reactivate the display any time by tapping the screen

-> Mirrors are cloud-connected and can be controlled via a web-based dashboard


Convenience Stores

actiMirror is helping Philip Morris International to understand consumers behaviors in convenience stores

-> The actiMirror is placed behind the sales counter, facing the cash point

-> The actiMirror engine is collecting anonymous biometric data which is synced with the actiMirror cloud in real time

-> The actiMirror data analytics team matches and smooths the biometric and the sales data to produce powerful & consistent market intelligence and insights


Cosmetic AR - Virtual Makeup

Digital beauty solutions created from the fusion of technology and make-up artistry
Visualize your make-up in real time augmented reality, with perfectly realistic color and texture rendering



Entertainment for the “Selfie lovers”, to share an experience with friends and family.

The mirror proactively offers to take a selfie.

-> in shops and shopping malls

-> in hotels, bars and restaurants

-> at exhibitions, in front of exposed items, e.g. cars, motorcycles, etc.

-> at wedding parties, birthdays, etc.

-> …more

To retrieve the watermarked picture, customers can scan a QR code.


... and many more

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For further peace of mind, our Android application is designed to run in a similar fashion and under the same Data Protection Act policies as a security camera, to ensure that the demographics of a person are not linked with their identity.
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