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This is (not) a Mirror

Mirrors are timeless decoration pieces, not affected by fashion, and naturally attract the attention of the consumer. In fact, our own reflection in a mirror always catches our attention!

We use a high resolution display which turns on when activated by sensors. After interaction, the mirror returns to a beautifully designed and timeless decoration piece again.

Inspired By Nature

We have designed actiMirror to easily adapt to the environment it belongs to, inspired by neutral elements and colours. Thanks to a minimal and sleek design, actiMirror integrates seamlessly into all interior décor, supported by an aluminium frame structure and a wood front-panel.

Italian bespoke handicraft tradition and passion have merged to create a masterpiece of elegance and functionality. actiMirror is standing out against traditional signage screens, secretly carrying the most advanced technologies to make best use of a vast array of productive applications.

Smart & Easy Installation

Anywhere! Placed on a desk counter, hung on a wall or integrated into existing furniture.

actiMirror is equipped with a Vesa U-shape Bracket, and not just a simple aluminium back-plate!

We have developed a 3in1 installation system that allows extreme flexibility in various installation scenarios while preserving design codes.

Your Own actiMirror

With a selection of high quality materials, you can customise the front-panel with your logo.

Your Mirror will look different than traditional signage screens. It will always carry your own brand and identity in front of your customers’ reflection.

Simple Interaction

We believe in simple and casual interaction, where content is triggered in a seamless and discrete way. We strive in reducing complexity and enhancing customer experience.

Never Out Of Fashion

actiMirror incorporates a bespoke hardware architecture with upgradeable software. Our interface is designed through SDKs and APIs embracing various protocols, making it easy for other developers and services to connect, communicate and integrate new applications. We have a solid and comprehensive SaaS business model that ensures the longevity of our smart mirrors, and have established partnerships with key providers to deliver global scalability.

The modularity of our platform is another key differentiting factor.  The platform can be enhanced through plug & play Hardware & Software modules to adapt to various business environments. For example, for object recognition – a retailer without an existing RFID system – can also use alternative sensors, such as a barcodes.

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