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The first step into the online actiMirror experience. Manage and organise Infotainment media content from anywhere, play Tutorials and take Selfies to engage clients, release instant global marketing campaigns to your worldwide store network.

Set up Pay-per-Interaction activities (non-analytics) to generate additional revenue from traditionally non revenue generating assets (e.g. hotel elevator).

The world of our Infotainment Apps at your fingertips. We are always creating new Apps.

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Basic Analytics

“Infotainment” Pack plus

Open yourself to the world of Business Intelligence Analytics & Big Data. Stop relying on personal opinions, know more about what is happening in your venues. Anonymous Biometrics and Object Detection will allow you to understand more about customer behaviours and demographics, conversions, price positioning, new product launches, etc. Set-up biometric-driven Pay-per-Interaction campaigns to generate additional revenue from traditionally non-revenue generating assets.

Choose from a set of standard dashboards, to better understand what’s going on at a glance.

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Corporate Analytics

“Basic Analytics” Pack plus

For larger organisations. The next level of Business Intelligence Analytics & Big Data. Custom-made dashboards and analytics generated for your organisation, different levels of access to media content and data organised vertically across your organization using a “look-down” approach.

Full access to event data logs, which can be easily imported into your ERP System for further analysis.

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Enterprise Plan

“Corporate Analytics” Pack plus

For complex multi-brand organisations. The top level of Business Intelligence Analytics & Big Data. Different levels of access to media content and data is organised horizontally and vertically across your organisation using a “look-down” approach. A dedicated account manager is provided to keep the organisational structure and authorisations always up to date.

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Custom Plan

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Infotainment Basic Analytics Corporate Analytics Enterprise Plan
actiMirror CMS
Standard Apps – Cloud Managed
Unlimited Cloud Functionality Upgrades
Remote Update & Status Monitoring
Option to SDK Developer Licence
Total Cloud Usage 10Gb 15Gb 25Gb 50Gb
Biometric Analytics (e.g. age, gender, mood,…)
Object Analytics
RFID Part Total Number Match 250 500 1000
Reports + Dashboards + Insights Basic Custom Custom
Login Role Single Admin 3 Total users 10 Total users 100 Total users
Events Data Download
Hierarchical Integration Between Sites and/or Brands
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actiMirror DOES NOT keep pictures or footage; we are a non-intrusive business that is fully compliant with sections 35J and 35K of the Hong Kong SAR Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486).
For further peace of mind, our Android application is designed to run in a similar fashion and under the same Data Protection Act policies as a security camera, to ensure that the demographics of a person are not linked with their identity.
Check out our privacy policy or contact us if you have any further inquiries.