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Consumers are evolving, don't stay behind

More than just pushing out signage content, our Smart Mirrors interact with your clients making the shopping experience more relevant. To deliver Retail growth actiMirror collects and analyzes consumer data to increase in-store traffic and increase sales using AI recommendation engines with customer behaviour, pre-purchased items and online eCommerce sales data.

Not just shelves and racks. Use your entire commerce platform in offline locations.

Digital is progressing as a key player in providing consumer engagement via apps and social platforms.

Apps Packages

Know what's going on with your business

The consumer journey and experience in front of the smart mirror is measured at all times.  The measurement is consistent across the whole retail network, and provides an invaluable set of Business Intelligence to enhance management decision making process.


No one is left behind

The whole actiMirror fleet can be managed from one location.

Upload new media content in real time, change the settings of the Apps, check the data-analytics dashboards to know how your stores around the world are performing, and much more…

actiMirror empowers the digital experience in stores.

Apps can be constantly updated. actiMirror is a living device, always up to date with your digital strategy and KPIs.