fashion retail

What is it?

actiMirror Fashion is a scalable offline2online platform helping fashion retailers transforming their stores into omnichannel hubs. The platform is modular as it includes various hardware, software and data analytics options. We use state of the art technologies, such as AI, AR, and others to deliver real-time personalised consumer experiences via smart mirrors & screens.


Q: Why should I use smart mirrors in fitting rooms?

Fitting rooms are key locations in the purchasing decisions process, but usually not accessible to sales staff to provide assistance and recommendations. Empowering these locations, by adding information, recommendations and personalised services, guarantees high returns in terms of sales growth & service quality.

Q: Can I use the smart mirror to replace the standard mirrors in the changing rooms?

Yes, when the screen is off, you cannot see anything but your reflection. This is actually one of the main advantages of using smart mirrors.

Q: How can the smart mirror identify the piece or garment the customer is trying?

Either via RFID or barcode scanning.

Q: What happens then?

The smart mirror replicates an eCommerce shopping experience, accessing the AI database to provide product info, media content, up-sell & cross-sell recommendations. Shall the customer consent to be identified via a loyalty scheme, product recommendations would be even more personalised.

The smart mirror provides additional services such as – concierge button to notify the sales assistants to hand-on a specific piece of garment to try-on – payment options to avoid cashier lines – checking garment availability in other stores – delivery at home options – offline-to-mobile info transfer via QR codes.

Q: I am not willing to implement the whole list of functionalities. I would like to start with something simple. Is it possible?

Yes, the smart fitting room app is customized and adapted to each client’s specific requirements.

Q: How do I connect the smart mirrors to my product database?

Please contact us for a detailed system analysis. We have previous experience connecting complex product databases such as Microsoft Navision or Shopify.

Q: I am not willing to connect my database to the smart mirrors – or – I don’t have a product database.

We can provide a back-end system to upload and manage product information & recommendations to be displayed on the smart mirrors.

Q: Where do we start for an indication of pricing?

Please contact us to define the basic requirements, timeline and budget availability. We will provide the best solution to maximise the return of investment for your business.




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