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Why Smart Mirrors at your POS?

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Why do you need a Modern Digital Platform at the Point of Sale?

Personalised Business Package


Skin Analyser

Skin diagnostics based on the consumer’s picture are combined with user data to enable you to advise, educate, and guide your customers on their skincare journey.Boost conversion, retention, and average order value with automated and personalized skincare products, routines, and treatments. Global Partner of Shiseido Co. Ltd.Press release

Virtual Makeup

Try before you buy!While e-commerce is rapidly growing, the majority of beauty shoppers still have an in-store touch point in their conversion process.Leverage augmented reality technology across all business channels to consistently elevate your customers’ experience.


Smart Mirrors act as physical contact points between the brands and their customers, integrating into e-commerce platforms being able to track availability of apparel at several locations. Smart mirrors provide access to the full set of information, such as product prices & descriptions, stock availability, payment and delivery options, recommendations and more.

Your Own Apps

Apps you have developed for your business can be installed and used on the smart mirrors.

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