September 25th, 2017

actiMirror Corp. announces its expansive new Sales and Offline Retail Digital Integration Strategies

SUNNYVALE, California – actiMirror Corp., the leading IoT smart mirror platform delivering real-time personalized consumer experiences and data analytics insights for the Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare and Exhibition sectors, announces the:

• deployment of actiMirror’s Offline Retail Digital Integration Strategy
• sales organizational expansion into the North American and Chinese markets

Offline Retail Digital Integration Strategy
The company’s smart mirror plaform is ‘at home’ in retail and hospitality environments, being a natural and intuitive vehicle to get consumers’ attention and engagement via personalized in-store experiences.

During 2016, actiMirror created bespoke software Apps on their proprietary IoT platform.

During 2017, actiMirror has significantly enhanced their business proposition by:

• creating the actiMirror App Store market place with a comprehensive software infrastructure to allow fast integration and deployment of third party proven Apps designed by experts in their fields. The actiMirror App Store market place was released in beta in June. It proved a robust platform for growth during the testing months, and is now fully released and available.
• enhancing their SDK for deeper platform integration
• delivering highly granular data analytics insights

actiMirror is now well positioned to effectively offer a wider variety of solutions to their clients by:
• developing their own proprietary software Apps
• working with current and new App developers
• enabling clients and integrators to do their own in-house software development

Expert App developers in verticals such as beauty, garments, hospitality, healthcare, fitness, etc. have quickly understood that our wide variety of built-in sensors and the fact that we offer mirrors instead of plain screens does enhance their product offering being traditionally delivered via tablets and smartphones. As a result, exciting Apps and consumer experiences are currently being developed for flagship retailers and hospitality players.

Sales Strategy
Increased commercial traction confirmed North America and China as two key markets for actiMirror solutions. The company has therefore decided to grow their presence organically, starting with the appointment of Mr. Adrian QUIGG as Global Sales Director and the promotion of Mr. Derek ZHANG as Director Country China, and Head of Product Development.

Mr. QUIGG joins actiMirror with solid credentials in sales management having held senior global positions in major product based companies. He will place particular emphasis in North America recruiting specialized sales resources, whilst also driving the sales process and strategy across all international markets. Adrian will operate both from a commercial office in Silicon Valley and HQ in Hong Kong.

Mr. ZHANG joined actiMirror in 2015 as Business and Product Development Manager. In his new role, Derek will grow business in market China with appointed strategic partners. He will still lead the product development team responsible for new product releases. Derek relocated to Shanghai on Sept 1, 2017 and will operate both from a commercial office in Shanghai and HQ in Hong Kong.