October 7th, 2019

RMK support customers with “actiMirror” makeup recording function

Tech Power Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yoshihiro Takasawa) is making makeup artist brand RMK (RMK) in conjunction with the Isetan Shinjuku store cosmetics floor refresh this fall. Smart Mirror actiMirror is now available to President Yosuke Maezawa).

Reproduce RMK makeup techniques. The service was projected on a smart mirror

Record the touch-up video and transfer it to the customer’s smartphone along with the makeup product information. This allows customers to use each item.

You can reproduce the technique video that leads to a more beautiful finish, such as the position to place, on your own while checking at home. In addition, this video.Since it can be saved as a video file, it can also be posted to SNS.

Smart Mirror, which digitizes the actual experience at the makeup counter, is the main tool that drives the IoT in the beauty industry, and actiMirror is a powerful beauty platform that can strengthen and differentiate customers.

This smart mirror is provided by Tech Power Co., Ltd., which has signed a distributor agreement with actiMirror Corporation Ltd. (headquartered in Silicon Valley / Hong Kong, USA).

Smart Mirror actiMirror specifications and functions

・ Hardware 21.5-inch high-definition monitor, both freestanding and wall-mounted, USB port, Wi-Fi, camera, built-in speaker, motion sensor, LED lighting

・ Full customization Full customization is possible according to the demands of the brand you use.

・ Recording function High-definition recording

・ Video transmission function The recorded video and product information can be sent to the smartphone for viewing and confirmation.

-Image correction function Performs viewpoint correction from any angle and distance in real time. Adjustable camera zoom and height

・ Illuminance correction function In addition to fine adjustment of illuminance, fine adjustment of illumination color such as reproduction of natural light is possible.

・ Product registration function Register product numbers and link EC site links

・ Touch screen Intuitive operation on the screen is possible like a smartphone

・ Digital signage When the smart mirror is not used, it can be used as a digital signage or a normal mirror

・ Analytics and Insight Big data can be collected and analyzed

・ Makeup simulation using makeup simulation VR technology is possible (optional)