January 18th, 2017

actiMirror wins “Inside Retail” contest

Hong Kong retail technology startup ActiMirror has won a 10-way pitchfest, the culmination of Retail’s Cutting Edge seminar held in the city on Monday.

ActiMirror, which helps stores to become omnichannel hubs by enhancing the overall guest experience through interactive, digitally connected mirrors in stores, was founded by Spaniard Victor Ruiz and Italian Fulvio Riva, who relocated to Hong Kong to fulfil their dream due to the city’s business-friendly environment.

The company’s technology allows people to interact on social media while trying on clothes, recommends complementary products from the host retailer and provides customer response feedback and data. Part of ActiMirror’s prize is a consulting session with KPMG Hong Kong.

Runners-up in the pitchfest were Popabox, a 24-seven locker service concept for online deliveries, and iStyleup, an online fashion portal which bridges the gap between designers who cannot afford retail rents and customers by harnessing social media and trendsetters’ recommendations.