May 25th, 2018

The 10 Best Performing Big Data Solution Providers 2018

The present landscape of Big Data Solution Industry has been filled with multiple players from several stages of big data management across different sectors ranging from retail to financial industry. However, there are fewer players in more complex approaches where some products are “pushed” based on previous customer selections; and there are even less participants where predictive analytics are extracted for the benefit of customers, as well as the producers with customers’ preferences, behavior, environmental effects and other insights related to their products.

actiMirror contributes to the “Big Data Solution Industry” particularly in this less explored space: predictive analytics, as well as enhancing the experiences of both the customer and businesses on more traditional approaches to big data. In addition, actiMirror is innovatively collecting valuable subtle data (such as moods, micro expressions, , anonymous biometric profiles, object and image recognition, or color preferences) that had not been captured before; and also pairing this data with previous customer sales, time of the day, dwell time, weather, etc. to provide truly valuable customer insights.

actiMirror is a smart mirror platform at the forefront of smart mirror technology that delivers real-time personalized experiences to consumers and data analytics insights to businesses. Its prime focus verticals are Retail, Hospitality particularly casinos and Healthcare.

The Insightful Leader

Victor Ruiz, CEO and co-Founder of actiMirror, is a Hong Kong based European entrepreneur with extensive global exposure having lived and worked in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. After 18 years delivering growth as a corporate entrepreneur for Fortune 500 US and European corporations, Victor and his partners co-founded actiMirror in 2014.

Under Victor’s leadership, actiMirror has evolved from being a Hong Kong start-up to become the global leader in its sector in less than four years. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, and a network of international distributors.

This multilingual leader earned his Executive MBA at Kellogg-HKUST, ranked number one worldwide by the Financial Times.

actiMirror Exclusive Offerings

The company’s initial focus was in Retail and Hospitality due to its unique data capture system, data management, and predictive analytics. Once the company reaches an insight, it keeps interrogating it to keep extracting value from data. The value added to Retail and Hospitaly, quickly brought lucrative data thirsty market segments such as Health and Fitness.

actiMirror also makes a point to proactively learn from interactions with multidisciplinary professionals, as great ideas often come from multiple minds and diverse angles.

The company also counts with the support of an invaluable Advisory Board with Industry leaders that tend to uncover both opportunities and challenges helping the Executive team to stay ahead of market moves..

actiMirror is also the only smart mirror company in the World providing an integrated and affordable (scalable) open platform. Think about actiMirror as an oversized cell phone behind a true mirror. This means the so called ‘actiMirror 5 in 1 platform’ offers:

An open platform: actiMirror allows a wide variety of customized Apps and UXs (User eXperiences) in the same way you use your cell phone
A perfect mirror:essential in all verticals and instrumental to attract customer attention.
Innovative in-store Customer Journeys: actiMirror has integrated a wide variety of sensors in its mirrors (in fact, more than an iPad or a mobile phone). The said sensors are to gather data and interact with your customers in real-time providing a resounding wow experience. Sensors can be as simple as a proximity sensor to detect a customer’s presence in front of a mirror, or they can detect anonymous biometrics (fully compliant with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation) such as gender, age, ethnicity and even the mood of the customer to offer them different in-store UXs.
The Power of Digital: Machine learning capabilities + Data gathering and analytics insights + Cloud Management System
Truly scalable price point
The Data Encryption System

actiMirror keeps user data anonymous. Data is stored within AWS VPC in a layered configuration separating public (internet) access from private (internal) compute and storage services. To access the anonymous user data the end-user logs into a secure (HTTPS) website using a username and password. The password is stored encrypted.

Client friendly Strategies

actiMirror collects and analyzes consumer data to increase in-store traffic and grow sales; transforms stores into Omni-Channel hubs putting ‘Brick & Click’ under one roof; and provides personalized and differentiating, in-store consumer centric experiences.

On one hand, actiMirror uses both generic and custom designed Apps, plus built-in sensors to display – in addition to customers’ reflection – personalized media content in real-time. Content is selected to match the consumers’ interests based on a combination of their anonymous demographic profiles and/or the objects they are trying, transforming the mirror to display: related interactive product demonstrations, augmented reality experiences, tutorials or infotainment videos to deliver higher consumer engagement and brand loyalty.

On the other hand, actiMirror collects and analyzes anonymous data from consumer interactions, such as sales conversion rates, in-store behavior, preferences, choices, etc. In turn, the brands receive customized data analytics insights based on machine learning and applied to their specific metrics and KPIs to identify, calibrate and optimize targeted actionable business levers to increase in-store traffic, and deliver sales growth.

Future Vision

The organization’s unstoppable vision is currently: developing a B2C Cosmetic platform that will penetrate American households generating up to five lucrative sources of revenue; and working with doctors at a leading hospital to develop an intuitive Health platform for patients to follow a daily monitoring program. Apart from these, the company is also working on machine learning non-mirror technologies for retail that will bring revolutionary concepts in near future.

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